Victor Daggberg

daggberg(at) 73-069 45 99

Joseph Berglund Woxlin

woxlin(at) 70-394 08 05


From brainstorming sessions to carefully planning and setting a budget, we got you! Seven years of experience in various size of projects. Nothing is to small or to big.


Streamlined processes with high efficiency combined with happiness and a heart warming feeling on set. That is the good recipe for a successful production.


Office time! We love spending time in the field but sometimes you have to bring it back to the cave. Pushing timelines, pixels and audio-waves for a finalized product to meet the world!

Network and sub-contractors

We might look like a small team to the public, but the truth is different. Our network of co-creators and creative people is large and spans all over Europe. Laying a unique pussel tailored for your project is key element in our business.